Last Song to Xenitia


Monday, April 8 at 7 pm - Cinema Guzzo Côte-Vertu
Tuesday, April 9 at 1 pm - Cinestarz Côte-des-Neiges

Director: Athena Scotes

In this documentary, Vasiliki Scotes, embarks on her last journey to her homeland, with her book of folk songs and a message of hope. During the Great Depression, she left Greece as a young bride, in search of a better life 

in America. The Greeks call this Xenitia, meaning "to live as a stranger in a foreign land”.  At the age of 100, she dictates from memory more than 340 songs and poems which are published in a book. Her epic final journey to Greece at the age of 103 reveals the challenges, triumphs and complexities associated with immigration. Vasiliki's story gives voice to thousands of immigrants everywhere whose personal triumph is told within the context of a modern Greece facing economic crisis and intense social turmoil.

Her personal journey and ancient songs inspire courage and hope for the next generation who face the challenge of realizing their dreams in a country where unemployment has reached sixty percent and already half a million youth have departed for xenitia/foreign lands.

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, Best Documentary Film (Nominee)
Portland Film Festival (Official Selection)
London International Film Festival (Official Selection)
Madrid International Film Festival (Official Selection)