Director: Yorgos Gkikapeppas
Starring Kika Georgiou and Aneza Papadopoulou

A young opera singer in her final year of studies in Poland is struck by a mysterious affliction that renders her unable to speak. She returns to her intellectual family in Greece but finds they treat her – and her silence – with hostility. She detaches herself and retreats into an isolated world where she spirals into the darkness of the past. Within this elegantly simple allegory, Gkikapeppas tackles resonating themes of oppression and freedom of speech at a time when we’re all scrambling to have our say. A revelatory meditation on our desire to be heard.

"Watching Silent is also an involuntarily uncomfortable experience. Why exactly does someone suddenly lose their voice? Here we are drawn into the peripheral realms of inter-related withdrawal synonyms: abstinence, self-denial, temperance, sobriety, continence and related psychological choices. However, all of these don't touch the nerve or help understand what has happened to the young soprano, which makes Silent both originally compelling yet likewise frustratingly enigmatic. Most importantly, we learn that the preservation of a free voice seems to be more vital than the capability of speech itself." -Steven Yates

Winner of the FIPRESCI (critics’ prize at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, and Special Effects and Innovation at the Hellenic Film Academy Awards. All in all, a must-see film!