For the first time at the Montreal Greek Film Festival! Come on a short film journey with us!

Short Film Showcase

Sun (Mar 25) 8:30 pm at Cinéstarz. Click for tickets: 
Thu (Mar 29) 8:30 pm at Cinéstarz. Click for tickets: 

5 ways 2 Die

2014 / Greece / 15 minutes
Director: Dania Papadaki

Synopsis: How many ways are there to commit suicide? Can a suicide attempt be considered “successful”? Makis over-analyses this subject, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.


2018 / Canada / 20 minutes
Director: David Antoniuk

Synopsis: Follow Auschwitz survivor Piroska (portrayed by Academy Award Winner Olympia Dukakis) as she recites a true story about a group of Greek-Jewish prisoners confronting a moral dilemma.

Mary’s Lullaby

2016 / Greece / 19 minutes
Director: Dinos Panagokos

Synopsis: Philip and Mary, a recently married couple of hydrobiologists, live and work in a house by the lake, celebrating and waiting for the coming of their unborn child. Mary’s unexpected miscarriage and a future of infertility will redefine their relationship.

Memories of a Doll

2017 / Greece / 19 minutes
Director: Michail Charalampidis

Synopsis: Asia Minor 1922. Three siblings hide in a basement after loosing their family during the attacks against the Greek minorities. The oldest will have to sacrifice her childhood in order to save the rest and become the mother figure they need.

City of Athens

2018 / Greece / 5 minutes
Director: Alexandros Maragos

Synopsis: A non-narrative short film from filmmaker and award winning photographer Alexandros Maragos. It features hyper-lapse and time-lapse cinematography of the urban area, the skyline and the architecture of Athens


2017 / USA / 15min
Director: Peter Koutsogeorgas

Synopsis: The key to a woman’s apartment is taken by something unseen.


2016 / Greece / 15 minutes
Director: Niko Avgoustidi

Synopsis: A 6year-old refugee, finds himself alone on a crowded Aegean beach. He is hiding, watching the tourists bathe and waits for his “ummi” (mother) to arrive.

Trust No One

2016 / USA / 16 minutes
Director: Simon Kassianides

Synopsis: Edward Snowden. Julian Assange. These are the men who survived. There have been others. What would happen to a whistleblower on the run on US soil? Ben Logan goes up against the clandestine force of the USA that he’s helped to build.

Canadian Filmmakers Night

Wed (Mar 28) 8:30 pm at Cinéstarz. Click for tickets: 

Also for the first time at MGFF, we have a created an evening dedicated to our Greek Canadian filmmakers. Join us on on Wednesday, March 28 to see the following short films and meet the directors.

Return to Park Ex

2017 / Canada/ 44 Minutes
Directors: Tony Asimakopoulos

A bittersweet love letter to Park Extension, Montreal’s legendary immigrant neighborhood, as seen through the eyes of its lifelong Greek inhabitants, their South Asian neighbors, and a filmmaker rediscovering his roots.


2013 / Canada/ 29 Minutes
Directors: Peter James, Philip Balabanos

Synopsis: Two strangers with nothing in common but a love for a broken nation on the other side of the world, are both searching for the same thing; Redemption. Through a twist of fate, their roads converge leading them down a path which will test their resolve and endanger everything they hold dear.

Last Dance on the Main

2014 / Canada/ 4 minutes
Director: Aristofanis Soulikias

Synopsis: An animated documentary on the demolition of a row of historic buildings on Montreal's St Laurent boulevard, also known as 'The Main'.

Opening Night

We will kick off this year's festival with a very important screening of short film on a subject very close to the hearts of the Hellenic community: THE SCULPTURE OF THE GREEK IMMIGRANT at 6:00 pm, followed by our Opening Night film, MYTHOPATHY, at 6:30 pm.

Sat (Mar 24) 6:30 pm at Cinéstarz. Click for tickets: 
You must purchase a ticket for Mythopathy in order to see this film.

Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant

2017 / Canada / 30min
Director: Athan Tom Sklavos 

Synopsis: In Montreal, a city that welcomed Greek immigrants and immigrants from every corner of the world with open arms, offering them new horizons and opportunities, the Greek community at large offers the "Statue of the Greek immigrant", an emblematic creation made by renowned contemporary Greek sculptor, George Houliaras, as a gift to the metropolis on the occasion of its 375th anniversary.