Exarcheia, The Chanting of the Birds


Monday, April 8 at 9 pm - Cinema du Parc. Click for tickets

Director: Nadine Gomez

Exarcheia takes you on a dreamy nocturnal stroll through one of Greece’s most politically active neighbourhoods, situated in the heart of Athens, just below the Acropolis. It is a district known as the cradle of Greece’s anarchist

movement, where the uprising against the military dictatorship began in 1973, and where the 2008 riots started.

In this hub of alternative culture, squats and cybercafés have flourished in recent years. Today, the neighbourhood is also a refuge and support centre for migrants. Director Nadine Gomez walks its lively streets to take the pulse of a society reeling from economic crisis and standing on the front lines of the intractable migration issue. Over the course of a night, she records the words of the people she meets. Hopeful or worried, welcoming to outsiders or fearful for the future, their many voices sketch the outlines of an idealistic West and its paradoxes.